I am writing to offer the highest recommendation possible to Maury Abreu and Omega Protective Concepts. I have been a police officer for 15 years. I currently hold the rank of sergeant and serve in my agency’s training unit. I have been teaching use of force related concepts at my agency, in local police academies and privately for more than 10 years. I am also a life-long martial artist with experience in a multitude of disciplines.


In all my years of training, Maury is hands down the greatest instructor I have ever encountered. His standing as a subject matter expert on all things combative, still does not do him justice. Maury has a unique ability to combine excellent teaching skills and vast knowledge into an easily understood package for the end-user. And the lessons he offers will last a lifetime. I have the scars to prove it.


If you want realistic training that will give you simple and effective means to protect yourself and your family, look no further. It won't be flashy and it won't be easy. The training might cause you pain but the memory of that pain will keep you safe.



Respectfully submitted,


Patrick Dolly

As a teacher, every day I feel I am responsible for the life of someone else. For this reason, I knew I had to make sure I felt confident in my defense skills to protect those around me. So about two months ago, I took part in a women’s self-defense course guided by Omega Concepts and WOW what an experience! Maury Abreu and his apprentice instructor Nicholas Dante not only provided a phenomenal instruction that cleared all doubts and questions I had, they also discussed all necessary principles behind self-defense.  They were clear in their instruction and taught me that ignorance should never be an excuse, especially, in a matter surrounding one’s safety or the safety of a loved one. Because of this course, I am now much more aware of my surroundings and feel confident in my ability to defend myself. I now know how to avoid putting myself in certain situations of danger as well as how to react if a life-threatening situation were to arise. More importantly, I learned how to use my own body as a defense mechanism. I was not aware of what a powerful weapon the human body was until the Omega Protective Concepts team explained it. I highly recommend their services! You will not be disappointed.


Isamar De Jesus



My name is Rey P., and I had the pleasure and privilege of training with Mr. Maury Abreu and the Omega team, at a privately hosted training event in the summer of 2016. I have been a martial artist since 1990, with a background fundamentally rooted in the Southeast Asian martial art of Filipino Arnis, and related arts like Indo-Malay Silat. I have also extensively cross-trained in Western Boxing, Jun Fan/JKD kickboxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, various methods of RSBD (reality based self-defense)/military combatives, and unconventional forms of street knife combatives. Training with Mr. Abreu and his team was a unique opportunity, and a true pleasure--please let me explain why.


The theme of the invitation-only 2-day Omega training was on anti-kidnapping, and how to best handle oneself while living and working in an overseas NPE (non-permissive environment) context, where one might not have a conventionally carried sidearm at hand. This meant that the training class was centered around both cultivating and using one's situational and tactical awareness, and exercising when necessary a fluidly adaptive, highly aggressive mindset, in order to create a pathway towards one's own safety and survival.


We covered many interconnected topics during those 2 days, from unarmed combatives (both stand-up fighting and ground survival), the defensive use of blades, unconventional impact weapons, improvised weapons, practical counter-weapon techniques (knife/pistol), how to fight in extreme close quarters (such as in a vehicle), etc.--we also covered topics not often discussed, such as everyday carry items, practical awareness techniques that one can utilize daily, safety protocols when traveling abroad, and how to escape from common restraints that are often used by criminals and terrorists to secure their targets. The participants at this event came from a wide spectrum of backgrounds: military veterans, active-duty law enforcement, private citizens--all of whom had extensive martial/CQC training, and real world experience. Maury and his Omega team of instructors were complete professionals, who took the time to present their material with intelligence, drive and fiery integrity. Despite the inherently dangerous nature of many of the skills we learned and drilled, we practiced safely, with close attention paid to proper body dynamics, power generation, and how to act decisively when faced with lethal-force violence. Everyone who participated, no matter what their previous background, walked away with something valuable--to reflect upon, integrate into their current skillsets, or use as needed, when faced with a life-or-death situation.


Maury genuinely cares about his clients, and wants to know that each person in his class can not only solidly do the technique at hand--but when to do it, the effect it will create, and why. He is a man of incredible honor, hard-won practical insight and integrity, and anyone who is lucky enough to spend time learning with him and his amazing team of Omega brother-instructors should consider themselves indeed blessed. I hope my words will help anyone considering training with Maury and Omega make their decision to do so with solidly grounded confidence.




Rey Proceso

I am a former Army medic and a former NYC private investigator. My life (and the lives of others) has literally been saved numerous times because of my belief in continuous training. Maury and his team will teach you game-changing techniques that will save your life. There really is no other way to say this. In all my years of training, with well known instructors, no one else has taught me how to fight like a hurricane while sitting in a car wearing a seatbelt. All instructors teach "techniques" but Omega also teaches you a "mindset" that will make you OWN the real estate that you stand on no matter where you go in this world. Thank you Omega Protective Concepts  for your training. I am a better man because of the weekend (8-hours a day) that I spent learning from Maury and his team.


Will Reed                                                     

I've had the honor to participate in an excellent center given by Maury Abreu and his Omega Protective Concepts staff.  It was a truly eye-opening experience that was well organized, and demonstrated highly effective and practical self-protective concepts.  Maury is extremely articulate and thorough on how he conveys his material and more importantly, is a gentleman of integrity and humility.  One of the unique things about Omega Protective Concepts that stands out from other similar combative/self-protective organizations is their ability to empower the participant after developing skills sets and proper mindset in a precise, focused and assertive manner.  I highly recommend anyone to train with Maury and Omega Concepts."  



Carl Figueroa

The courses & teachings offered by Maury and his team at Omega Protective Concepts are, without a doubt in my mind, one of, if not thee most top notch training curriculums I've received to date, including my time in service. 


With personally over 30yrs of shooting experience, and a combined 20yrs of both taking as well as teaching various courses, I can honestly say the team at Omega Protective Concepts is second to none. Their attention to detail and making sure each and every step of every movement in every class is taught with purpose and understood by all before moving on, is something instructors nationwide, including myself, should strive to accomplish. 


Maury, Nick and Dave are building a reputation for themselves as being at the top of their game and it's well deserved. I'm looking forward to every class I can attend in the future and learning all I can from the knowledgeable staff at Omega Protective Concepts and wish them all the best in what's to come for them in 2017. 


Adam Sampson

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/Chief RSO

AHA Certified CPR Instructor

NJ State Certified EMT 

If you care about your safety and the safety of your loved ones then you need to train with Maury Abreu – Chief Instructor and owner of Omega Protective Concepts. To me, the ability to defend myself and my family and friends is the most important skill I can possess. That’s why I’ve trained with Maury on numerous occasions, and look forward to future training with him. Maury’s principle and concept-based teaching approach is great because it’s simple and easy to retain, yet effective and efficient. Unlike other instructors, Maury leaves out the flashy and fancy nonsense that doesn’t work in real life, and he teaches only content that you can rely on should your life depend on it. Since training with Maury I’ve applied the SWAMP acronym that he taught me and my strikes have gotten a lot more powerful. I also really like the stacking principle used when defending against multiple attackers. The list of things I’ve learned from Maury goes on. He’s the real deal and a true professional and gentleman.


Jeff Katz

I had the pleasure of training with Maury and his team in August 2016.


I am a seven-year police officer and defensive tactics coordinator for my department. I've been training in marital arts for 17 years (4 years Muay Thai, 8 years Judo, and I'm a first degree black belt in BJJ).


Omega Combative Concepts taught me simple and effective hand-to-hand techniques that keep your unwrapped hands safe. As a grappler, I learned intelligent counter ground fighting techniques that I've implemented in my own training. The car combatives were very useful to me as a vehicle is my office. Maury demonstrated effective ways to overcome an attacker and techniques for exiting efficiently and safely. He brought in a subject matter expert who advised on travel considerations for personal safety and Maury opened my eyes to make shift weapons that can be used during travel for personal defense.


In terms of life saving skills, he demonstrated and showed me effective methods for escaping restraints. Also some patrol concepts that fly in the face of conventional theory, but are way more practical.


I was thoroughly impressed with the simplicity yet effectiveness of the techniques. What really drives the point home is how much Maury and his team's passion shows. They really care about you and give you everything that they have so you can stay safe.


Omega is different from other trainings in that they don't perform scripted, choreographed "moves". It's combatives so they do and use what works in a sometimes fast paced and evolving situation. One doesn't have time to remember how to do a specific BJJ technique, which requires thought and fine motor skills. Omega focuses on simple and reflexive techniques.


I trust Omega's approach so much that I plan on sending my wife to train with them for women's self defense.


J.C. - Patrol Officer and Martial Artist

Recently I was privileged to be a part of an extreme close quarters combat class given by Omega Protective Concepts. As an Air Force veteran I have been able to train with local law enforcement as well as other US military branches, to include foreign military. The training I received from Omega Protective Concepts was far beyond expectations. My training in the service was limited by comparison, and did not challenge me as Omega did. I am going into the NYPD and feel way more confident with a sidearm now than I did before. I have a far more reactive perspective with a discipline of thinking of the consequences, of being proactive in a life-threatening situation that can turn deadly. Omega Concepts forces you to understand that one must act with discipline to defend yourself and others, as well as challenging yourself to see a glimpse of your immense potential in an extreme situation.




Max Peter Martinez

Police Officer Candidate


I recently took the Omega Protective Concepts Extreme Close Quarter Pistol.  I am a 10 year Law Enforcement Officer, LE Handgun/Patrol Rifle Instructor and come from a wrestling background.  I would tell anyone from beginners to seasoned vets to try this course to either learn a new skill or hone old ones you forgot you knew.  The staff is passionate and the instructors have no issues going hands on, giving personal attention or holding the attention of the room.  The facility is private and secluded leaving no distractions, leaving more time to get down to business.  I would recommend anyone taking this course, have basic pistol knowledge and some experience with whatever gear you are planning on bringing.  There isn't much downtime, so there's more playtime.  Enjoy.


Matt Gajewski

Union Beach PD