Our Mission 

Take a class and save a life

Want to be a fellow abolitionist and FREE children from sex slavery?

Want to join us and take ACTION, rather than just comment and opine as so many others do?

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_________________________________________________OUR MISSION:


10% of EVERY Omega Protective Concepts course you attend and EVERY product  you purchase will be donated directly to anhialating modern-day slavery!  You see, every hour of every day, a child is abducted from their home, their school, or their neighborhood and sold into the sex trades. It is modern-day slavery and it is absolutely evil. Our charity arm - King's Ransom Foundation - partners with agents across the globe who identify, track, and rescue children who are being held in the sex trades. When you donate to this cause, 100% of your gift goes directly to this important work. King's Ransom operational expenses are COMPLETELY funded by the gifts of a generous private corporation, so 100% of your giving goes directly to the missions that matter most to you - NOT fattening the pockets of those running the organization.

Thank you for your amazing generosity and for helping us to get the word out.


At Omega Protective Concepts we aren't just going to equip you for success against violence! WE will stand for something bigger. TOGETHER, we will do our part to actually CHANGE THE WORLD!